Creating a learning community

A key goal of organising this symposium is to foster a ‘learning community’ in which practices, experiences and expertise are shared. So I asked participants to think through these questions:

* How have places, environments, peoples/bodies and natures been harmed by past forms of violence and injustice in the countries in which you live, study and/or practice?

* What practices might create a more just world in which to live? (Which of these are place-based?) (For example: What is the role of art in communicating the place of wounds and healing qualities of place?)

* How might you ‘map’ spectral traces as a means of acknowledging difficult pasts and/or imagining different futures?

* Can you try to sketch/create/depict such a map that could communicate some of your responses above? (The map can take any form/media).

I hope to post some of their responses on this blog over the few weeks before and following the symposium, so please check our webpage regularly! Also, a special thanks to the support of the Irish Research Council’s New Foundations scheme for providing a ‘knowledge exchange’ grant, which has allowed this exchange to be possible!

— Karen Till, Mapping Spectural Traces 8: The Place of the Wound symposium organiser

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