Suggestive dialogue can bring people together

Lucky Khambule, Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland, responds to the questions posed to participants of Mapping Spectral Traces 8: The Place of the Wound:

“As a South African who grew up in the apartheid era, I have a negative experience of violence and injustice directly and indirectly due to the systematic oppression way of which we as blacks were treated”.

“I would say the way to map the spectral traces is the knowing and understanding of the past evil doings and acknowledging the causes of those difficulties — learn from them and then map a way forward which makes sure that those past ills are not repeated in the future. It also takes the oppressed or the sufferer to come to a stage of intolerance and resort to resistance to torture and oppression, to raise us [up again] and force the change. There will also always be a strong resistance to that change from those that always benefited or enjoyed inflicting the pain to those that do not have power. …Every aspect of society is full of exclusivity [created] especially from the top, by .. those in power, with privilege and in control.”

“Suggestive dialogue is one way that can bring people together to find solutions that would create a more just world in which we can all live in as one society. … We all need to imagine a world that is united and for everyone to have lust for peace instead of hate. At the end it takes a negotiated settlement to find a peaceful solution to any problem we face today.”

Mapping Spectral Traces:

— Lucky Khambule will speak at the opening keynote plenary panel ‘The Place of the Wound’ on Monday, 17 October, 10:30am-12:30pm, Renehan Hall, South Campus Maynooth University. The panel discussion is free. To register for Day 1 of the symposium, click here.

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